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Teen Spaces

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Catherine LaStella said

at 11:31 pm on Oct 3, 2009

Here are some notes I took from this session (Part 1):

-When thinking about your teen space, if there are physical space constraints, ask yourself, “Are we everything to everybody or do we focus on one aspect?” Meaning: do you build a space that has a homework area, gaming area, drop-in craft area, computer area, etc. or do you pick one or two to focus on?
-Some in the room said they count the number of teens in the room instead of questions asked. Use the statistics to prove what you need! Do a body count on the hour to prove that you’re bursting at the seams and need more space, even though book circulation for YA may not increasing or reference desk stats make it seem like no one is there.
-Many librarians are finding it hard to connect to the teen population due to staffing shortages (they have to split their time with Adult or Children’s services) and space constraints (their reference desk is nowhere near the teen collection.)

Catherine LaStella said

at 11:32 pm on Oct 3, 2009

Here are some notes I took from this session (Part 2):

-When teens or others in the community are not happy with the current situation, it is good to use the phrase, “Talk to the director.” Many in the room have had success with that.
-Some offer community service to the teens to encourage them to attend Board meetings, zoning meetings, or town council meetings. It helps them become involved in the process- and the officials in the meetings get to see the “soon-to-be- voting” constituents.
-Census info is extremely important- realize who is in your area: how many teens overall, how many 7th graders vs. 12th graders, etc.
-One librarian spent 3 days in the local high school and signed up 300 teens for library cards!
-Chris left us with this thought: Don’t ever buy one of those seats that is a pair of lips… it’s just not a good idea!

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